November Sensory Tub


It's November and we have been digging and scooping in our November Sensory Tub!  A few simple ingredients and this 'Turkey Mix', as we call it, was made and ready for the little ones to play in!  Sensory play is a great way for children to practice social, fine motor and cognitive skills in a fun and meaningful way.november sensory tub

In our November Sensory Tub, you will find beans as the base.  Meaning, beans are the main ingredient (and there are a lot of them!).  I also added turkey feathers (craft feathers) and acorn and leaf table scatter found in the Target Dollar Bin.

November Sensory Tub

Along with the sensory ingredients, it is important to add scoops, cups, bowls, measuring spoons and ice cube trays (for 1-1 correspondence practice).  These tools help your child practice fine motor skills by scooping and pouring.  The cups teach your child about volume (how many beans can fit in the cup).  I also allow my children to add other toys that they choose into the mix.  For example, my son added a couple of cars and pretended to drive them through the 'rocks', which were the beans.  He also likes to hide different objects in the mix and dig to find them!November sensory tub

 This sensory table is quite easy to put together, but the learning benefits are quite vast.  Yes, we have this sensory tub inside and it does get a bit messy at times.  But, with a few simple rules (such as keeping the mix in the tub and not throwing it) playing in a sensory tub inside is definatly do-able!  Do you have a 'turkey mix' for your November sensory tub?

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