November Songs & a FREEBIE!

November is here!  Front and center this month... the turkey!  You can find him all over our house and in our preschool room.  In fact, we even sing a couple of songs about him too :)  Here are our November Song Charts!  But, don't stop reading until the end... you might just find a freebie!

November preschool song

Our November song, sung to the tune "Do you know the Muffin Man?".  This song focuses

on giving thanks & dancing the turkey trot!

November preschool song

The 'Hello Mr. Turkey' song gets the kiddos up gobbling and wobbling!

November preschool song

'My Turkey' is another fun movement song.  We spread our wings, pretend to eat corn and GOBBLE!

Since, it is the month of the turkey, I am sharing a great game that is easy to play, quick and builds strategic thinking skills.  It is simple to prepare, just print it out (on a color printer) and cut the cards apart.  Lay the cards facing up in between the two players.  Each player takes a turn at taking 1, 2 or 3 turkeys.  You must take at least 1 and no more than 3.  The goal of the game is not to be the player left with the gray turkey.  Give it a try, at the time I created it, even my 3 year old could play it!

Here is the turkey strategic thinking game that is free for you!

strategic thinking turkerys 1