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Observation Form for Preschool


You know how people say they have the memory of an elephant? Yea, that's not me. I think it is me, I wish it to be me- but when I face the hard facts my memory seems to be as bad as Dory's in Finding Nemo! So, I find myself making notes (shout-out to my best friend- the sticky note) all over the place. Can you feel me?

Well, that same "Oh, I'll remember that" attitude crosses over to the classroom. Guess what? I just saw my little preschooler Gabby take the sorting bears from the math center and sort them by color and size at the same time! Um, this noteworthy! This should go in her portfolio ASAP! Wait, who is upset? Oh, I'm sorry my friend Ben, but we don't knock down other friends' towers.

Yep, I got distracted (like I do 5,982 times a day) and I forgot all about that wonderful thing Gabby did earlier. I'm telling you what, a teacher's brain is pulled in so many different directions during the day, I truly wonder how I find my car at the end of the day!

So, this brings me to note-taking, just like I do all over my house. But, this time I am using it in the my classroom to take note of those note-worthy events. All I have to do is jot down the student's name, date, materials and what I saw. Then, I can later look back at how Gabby just showed me that she can sort by 2 attributes. Plus, I can put that little note in her portfolio. Done.

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