Organize It! STICKERS

Organize stickers Happy Wednesday!  Today, I wanted to share an easy way to store and organize stickers!

I am not exactly sure how I came about having so many stickers, but they sure come in handy!  From rewards to craft projects or creating your own games, stickers rock {most kiddos would agree}!

In the past I stored my stickers in a plastic 3 drawer pull-out.  So, I had 3 categories: holiday, rewards and misc.  As I am sure you can guess, this failed.  I would have to search and search through the holiday and misc. just to find what I needed.

That’s when I decided, I needed a new system.  Enter: file folder tub, file hangers and file folders.

sticker organization

Now, I can just pull out an entire file folder and find exactly the stickers I need.  You could also do this in an actual file cabinet, but I like the portability of this little tub.

How do you organize your stickers?

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