Simple Photo Ornament


Welcome to Craft Monday at the Christmas for Little Ones Blog Series.  I have to tell you, this month is has flown by!  I cannot even believe that Christmas will be here in 8 short days and haven't finished my homemade gifts yet!  Well, if you are like me, this is an easy gift that only takes a trip to the craft store!

photo ornament


-3 in by 3 in wood squares (found in the wood aisle at the craft store)

-White glitter cardstock

-Snowflake embellishments

-Modge Podge


-ribbon, string or wire

photo ornament

Start by cutting the white paper into 3x3 squares.  I added paper to both sides of the square.  Paint Modge Podge onto the wood squares and add the white paper.  The edge will most likely be a bit un-even, so sand the edges with a piece of sandpaper to even it out.

Now, comes the drill.  Use a small drill bit to drill eiather 1 or 2 holes in the squares (depending on how you want the ornament to hang).

Next, you will want to add your photo.  I cut mine down to be smaller than the square to allow room for the white paper to show and to add embellishments.  I used photo squares to add my photos, no worry about glue drying that way.  Then, I added the embellishments to my liking.  Almost finished!

Last, I added wire through the hole in my ornament.  To document the year the ornament was made, I added a small strip of linen fabric and added the year with a black permanent marker.

photo ornament

I have two children, so I put one kiddo on each side!  Worked out perfectly!  Have you made any ornaments for family this year?