Preschool Peep Painting

Process art- painting with a peep in preschool for Easter
Process art- painting with a peep in preschool for Easter

You know spring is just around the corner when you start seeing Peeps at the store!  These popular marshmallow treats are usually just for eating, but at preschool, we created art with these cute little chicks!After trying out some peeps with our tastebuds, we used what was left over for a little process art. Painting with Peeps in preschool is a creativity driven activity couldn't be any easier to prepare.  Set out paper, paint and peeps!  These little chick peeps have a head that makes the perfect handle for painting.  I enjoyed watching children paint with the peeps, because the way in which they used the peep to create their masterpiece was different.  Some children just stamped the peep onto the paper, others drug the painty peep all over the paper.  I even had one student only paint with their peep in circles!  This is beauty of process art, the outcomes are never the same!

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