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Preschool Rainforest Dramatic Play

 I love the way that a dramatic play center can take preschoolers to another place.  In this Rainforest Tours Pretend Play Props, children took a jeep tour to look for rainforest animals and also pretended to be animals!  The creativity and team work witnessed in this center were amazing!

To create this Rainforest Tours drama center, several different pieces were put into play.  First, the jeep.  I took our Melissa and Doug Market Stand and added some green paper, cut circle and rectangular lights and added a bumper.  Students used a green foam floral wreath as a steering wheel (it was just what I had on hand!).

The second piece of this pretend play center was the rainforest wall.  I attached green butcher paper to the wall, added photos of rainforest animals and covered them with large and small green leaves.  I bought my leaves, but you could easily make them from construction paper.  You can see part of the wall in the bottom right hand photo below.

The last piece of this center was the tools and masks.  I added binoculars (hand-made), explorer hats (I bought these), explorer vests (made from paper bags), an old camera and clipboards with checklists of the animals on the wall.  I also created animal masks for students to wear to pretend to be a rainforest animal! 

preschool prek rainforest pretend play.png

This dramatic play center was a HUGE hit with the kiddos!  Especially the Jeep and animal masks.  So, why not give it a try and your classroom.  Not only does this center encourage students to work together and think creatively, it also helps students learn about a new place!

Looking for the printables in the photos above? You can find them in a new Pretend Play Props Pack: Rainforest.


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