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Preschool Spaceship Dramatic Play  

This Preschool Spaceship Dramatic Play Center idea is far out… way far out! Encourage your students to blast off into space to learn and imagine what a world beyond ours holds!

To create this Spaceship drama center, several different pieces were put into play.  First, the rocketship…the most important part! I took two large boxes and cut the bottom and a door from one box. I then, placed the other box on top of the first box and taped together. I added some tin foil and a countdown graphic to the outside. On the inside I added spaceship control graphics found in the Spaceship Dramatic Play Pack.

The second piece of this pretend play center was the outer space wall. I found a space themed tablecloth at the party store and taped on graphics of the planets, stars, constellations and rocketships to invoke imagination.

The last piece of this center were the helmets (also found at the party store) and the Outer Space Observations form. I placed the form on a small clipboard for students to draw what they saw while in outer space.

preschool prek rocketship pretend play.png

Going in space is something my preschoolers loved! The rocketship only held one student at a time, so we had to make sure we were taking turns - I even set a timer to help students transition out of the ship. I loved hearing student’s discussions while in ‘outer space’ and found the observations drawing they created to be pretty neat too!

Looking for the printables in the photos above? You can find them in a new Pretend Play Props Pack: Rockeship.

pretend play rocketship space theme.jpg

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