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Pretend Play Office in Preschool


Pretending is such a creative outlet for our children.  They love to do the things that they see us doing.  They love to act out scenarios in which they get to be somewhere or someone that they currently are not.  So, when I created an Office in our dramatic play center, children were over the moon excited about getting right to 'work'!

Create a pretend play office in the dramatic play center of your preschool.

Create a pretend play office in the dramatic play center of your preschool.

In our Pretend Office, I set up a computer monitor and keyboard, old school telephones (surprisingly, not one student asked what they were), calculators, message/memo forms, pens, highlighters (for highlighting important messages), a phone book (I made one for us) and sticky notes (because let be honest, what is an office without sticky notes?).

This year in our Drama Center I was fortunate enough to get an awesome market stand from Melissa and Doug.  I adore it.  It will transform into so many different things this year!  For the Pretend Office, I used the tubs that were included with the market stand and put the supplies in.  That way everything could be organized when it was time to clean up.  I also have another small child sized table that I set the computer monitor and another phone on.

This Pretend Office was such a hit with students.  They loved picking up the phone to talk, writing memos and typing.  I loved that they were writing, looking at numbers on the phone and letters on the keyboard!

Do you want to create your own Pretend Office area using the printables seen in the picture above?  I have put all the printables you need in the Pretend Play Props: Office packet.  Hop on over to Teachers Pay Teachers to check it out!

Pretend Play Office Printables for the Preschool Drama Center.

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