Sensory Snow


Around the midwest, when we think 'winter', we think SNOW!  I cannot imagine living somewhere without snow... it is beautiful and such fun!  So, in our preschool room, everything is centered around snow and cold weather right now.  We have played in real snow, completed snow crafts, sang winter songs and now... our sensory tub is filled with snow!  Well, not real snow- it melts too fast-fake glittery snow!

Snowy Sensory Tub

After Christmas last year I bought two packages of fake snow on clearance.  I tucked it away in my 'winter' theme tub and I am sure happy I did!  So, we filled up the sensory tub and I added scoops and spoons.  I also hid some little winter figurines in the snow for the kids to find.  My little man of course wanted his construction vehicles added to the fake snow.  He loved pushing the snow and all around with his tractor.  But, I will tell you- this sensory tub is messy!  Good thing I vaccumm alot!

sensory snow

 I also created another snow experience for my tots by using an AWESOME idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose.  Our snow came out beautifully and was a lot of fun to play in.  We made snowballs, snowmen and even 'shoveled' the snow in our tray.  I even enjoyed playing in this soft, good smelling sensory snow!