September Song Charts - APPLES!


We love to sing around these parts!  Mostly during circle time, but also throughout the day.  For each month I have a set of songs (look for a round-up coming soon).  Each month has it owns monthly song, while I also have themed songs for the month.  This month's September Preschool Song Charts are all about APPLES!

September Song Chart for Preschool September Song (Yes, I know that remember needs some correcting!)

Ten Little Apples SongTen Little Apples: This song is great to sing with little apple props (10 of them).  Be it plastic apples, real apples or eraser shaped apples, this counting song is fun!

Four Red Apples SongFour Red Apples- We love to pretend the apples are high above our head in a tree.  We even try to shake that tree and when they fall, at the end of the song we pretend to eat them...crunch! The Red Apple SongThe A-p-p-l-e:  This song is a great starter to learning about apples using 5 senses.  Also, learning about why apples are good for us and what other foods can be made from apples. Apple ChantApple Chant: Just plain fun!

If you re-create these songs, I would love to see them!  My sister made the majority of these songs a while back.  Aren't they adorable?!  She went onto become an admistrator, so... these are mine now!  We use our song charts every month and we LOVE them!