Shaving Cream & Cars


My little guy just turned two in February (boy does time fly!).   He could not be more obsessed with sports balls, cars and construction.  Being the mother of a son is SO much different than this age with my daughter!So, when I whipped out the shaving cream he was super excited.  But, when I added toy cars to the mix, that was just a whole new level of FUN! shaving cream and cars Collage He drove the cars slowly through the shaving cream, watching the cars’ wheels make a track.  Don’t you just wonder what they are thinking when they are playing with such intention? He was busy at this for at least 15 minutes. So, if you have a little guy or gal that loves cars and making a mess… try this out!  It takes literally no prep and the clean up isn’t tooooo bad ;)  It is all worth it for the fun!