Spring Science with Preschoolers

Preschool Spring Science for Preschoolers.
Preschool Spring Science for Preschoolers.

Spring is a great time of year for being outside!  It is also a great time for learning about the world around us.  Exploring the science of spring with preschoolers can be easy and fun!

Rain clouds: An awesome way to show kids how a cloud holds rain, until it can hold it no more!

Multi-colored flowers: You may have seen how to change a white flower into a colored flower, but how about making a multi-colored flower?

Bulb science: We usually never get the chance to see the inner workings of a bulb.  But with idea you can!

Lunch sack kite: Learn about wind with a homemade lunch sack kite.

Grass Head: Watch grass grow, trim it and watch it grow again.

Milkjug birdfeeder: Learn about what attracts birds and all the different kinds of birds in your neighborhood.

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