Squirt! Toddler Squirt Bottle Fun!


  Oh how my toddlers LOVE squirt bottles!  There is a lot of fun and learning that can go into squirting water out of a squirt bottle…no really!  So, head to your nearest Dollar Store and grab some squirt bottles, fill them up with water, head outside with your toddlers and get squirtin’!

squirt bottle fun 1

In the picture above, it might just look like this toddler is watering the flowers, but she is also learning…

plants’ have needs (water)

to use fine motor skills to make the squirt bottle work

hand-eye coordination

aiming at a target

& taking turns (we only had 2 squirt bottles and 4 kids!)

squirt bottle 2

Add some sidewalk chalk to take squirting to a whole new level!  I drew shapes on the garage door and prompted my little learners to squirt at the  triangle and make it disappear! This could also be done with colors, letters and numbers.  We also colored on the driveway and practicing squirting the colors and watching them blend.  Their  fine motor muscles were working really hard!

Need an quick, easy and educational activity for your toddlers?  Try some squirt bottle fun!