Stringing Beads: 3 levels of Difficulty


Stringing beads is a great activity to help young ones strengthen fine motor skills.  The task of stringing beads takes both hands working together.  It is not always easy, but today I am going to share with you three stringing activities based on levels of difficulty.  My kiddos loving stringing beads and I love how we can also incorporate other great skills along with the fine motor practice.

beading preschool

Beginning Stringing

beginning stringing

Needed: Small rope and pool noodles (sliced into equal sized pieces)

If your tot is too young for the small beads that usually accompany stringing, then try this!  Take a pool noodle and slice it into small discs (a electric knife works wonders).  Tie one of the pool noodle beads onto the end of a thin piece of rope.  Now your young one can practice beading without all the small beads.  Plus, since these 'beads' are larger, it makes the task less challenging.  Which is great for one year olds.

Intermediate Stringing

stringing preschool

Needed: Large beads, chenille stems and a shoe string

Once you feel that your tot is ready for a more challenging stringing activity than grab the materials listed above and get stringing!  Starting with a chenille stem, or pipe cleaner makes stringing beads a little easier.  Since the stem has wire in it, it doesn't fold over on it's self the way that string does.  To get the beads to stay on the pipe cleaner, just bend one end over.  After your child masters stringing on a chenille stem move to beading onto a shoe string.  Shoe strings are good because they already have plastic pieces on the end.  Making it easier to bead and there is no frustration with fraying of the string.

Advanced Stringing

stringing and lacing

Needed: Buttons, Shoe Laces, Small beads and String

To take a step up from traditional stringing, have your child try to lace buttons with shoe laces.  The buttons in the picture above are from a lacing set.  Having two holes to string through makes it a more challenging activity.

Beading is a fun activity for older children too.   Make stringing an advanced activity by getting smaller beads and smaller string.  Taping off the ends of the string may help keep frustration of fraying string at bay.

Additional Activities to Accompany Stringing

-pattern based on color or shape

-count the beads that are strung

-spell out names and words with letter beads

-sorting beads by color prior to stringing

Do your child do a lot of stringing too?