How we told the kids we are going to Disney!



We're going to Disney!!  So, the hubs and I decided to tell the kids about our trip to Disney World in a couple months.  It had already about slipped out several times, so we just decided to get it out there.  But, of course we had to do it in a fun way!  So, I created a 'We are Going to Disney World' Scavenger Hunt!

how to tell kids about going to Disney


Our eldest is a beginning reader, so I thought it would be fun for her to read the clues to her brother as they race off to find them!  We started by giving the kids a card that read: We have a Special Suprise for you!  Follow the clues to reveal the surprise!

The clues lead to a new clue and had the kids racing all over the house!  Once all the clues were collected, the last clue told the kids to put the clues in numerical order and then flip the cards over.  Then, she was able to read the surprise!  I was so fun to see their reaction!

how to tell kids about disney

You can make your own 'We are going to Disney World' hunt too!  Find a free download of the wording to the hunt here.

To prepare this Disney hunt, I cut some cute Disney paper into 7 index card sized pieces.  Then, I cut out the words 'We are going to Disney World' and glued each word to the front of a card.  There will be one card left over.  Glue the 'We have a special surprise for you' note to the front of it.  Cut apart all of the clues.  Place clue #1 on the back of the 'We have a special surprise for you' card.  Then place clue #2 on the back of the 'We' card.  Clue #3 will go on the back of the 'are' card and so on.  I added a little strip of red and white polka dot washi tape to the clue cards just for fun.  Now, just hide them and present your kiddos with the first card!

Here is my daughters reaction to the awesome news!

disney hunt