Toy Organization: labeling tubs


Is your toy room a mess?  Do you ask your kids to clean up and just find it all shoved in a closet?  Yea.. I hear ya.  We had these same problems until I got organized!  Toy organization is not always an easy process (especially when you have lots of toys), but the time was so very worth it for our family!labeling tubs

How can I expect my children to clean up after themselves when they are not sure where things go?  I always had an idea in my head of where I wanted things to go, but communicating this to my young children never really worked out.  So, I knew I had to take the time to label our tubs of toys!

labeling tubs

First, I sorted our toys into likenesses (balls go with balls, cars go with cars and so on).

Next, I took a picture of the toys in the tub against a white background (I just used a white sheet).

I printed the picture and the name of the toy onto large labels and stuck them to the tubs!

I love that my tubs are now labeled.  Even my 2 year old uses the pictures to put the toys away!  Now, when I sing the clean up song, I know that my children will be able to be more successful at helping pick up the toys.  How do you organize your toys?