Transition Songs


Oh transition time... it is never easy. Whether it is lining up to go outside, getting the kids to clean up or sitting on the carpet for learning time, transitions can be the most challenging time of the day! The single most effective thing I do during transitions is SING! Yes, sing, lucky for me the kids don't care that I don't sound like Taylor Swift! Ha! Children tend to listen better if you take what you would just be saying and turn it into a song. So, of course I have a song for each transition that we take. I usually try to keep the songs the same, so that when they hear the start of the song, they know my expectations. I also try and keep my songs fairly short and repetitive, so the kids can sing along. It works wonderfully!

If you don't already have some transitions songs in your classroom, feel free to check out mine. I created a printable for you to print out and place on a binder ring as a reminder to SING!!!

Get singing with these easy transition songs!
Get singing with these easy transition songs!

Get the free transition songs by clicking below:

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Don't know the tune?

I've got a video for you so you can learn the tune.  But, please know...I'll be sticking with my day job, because I will not be winning a Grammy anytime soon!

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