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5 Ways to Encourage Writing through Play


Writing though Pretend Play:  Providing writing materials related to the area of pretend play is a natural way of encourage students to write.  Adding paper and a small clipboard to an office pretend play or placing a doctor's checklist in a pretend doctor's office are easy ways to bring writing into play.  Here are some pretend play props that encourage writing!

Providing different writing tools: A surefire way to encourage writing, especially at the writing center, is to provide lots of different tools to write with.  Also, to switch out the writing tools often to create more interest.  Children love to see what is new at a center!  Here is a great resource of tools to use when writing from Teach Preschool.

Paint bags: Encouraging young children to write does not always have to involve pencils!  Fill a ziploc bag with paint and hang on a window or place on a desk.  Children use their fingers to write on the paint - without the mess.  Here is some more infomation on paint bags.

Signing in to Preschool: Sign in sheets give students the ability to practice writing in a meaningful manner.  Students let the class and teacher know they are at school, all while strengthning writing skills.  Deborah at Teach Preschool has a fabulous post about signing in.

Writing with bookmaking: Students can express their ideas and develop lots of important literary and writing skills by creating their own books.  Vanessa from Pre-K Pages gives great information on bookmaking with young children.

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