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What is Modeled Writing in Preschool?

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What is modeled writing in preschool and how can we use it to support our young learners?

Modeled writing is showing children what writing looks like.

So many amazing reading and writing concepts can be taught during modeled writing.  The teacher/adult works as the model and shows children, by example, why we write, what we write and how we write. Then, we can go back and read what we wrote!

I love to incorporate writing into our lessons as much as possible.  Anytime I can take a book, discussion or even a un-expected interest and turn it into a shared writing experience - I do!

Take a look at some of the modeled writing experiences we have done...



 We saw a hawk right outside our classroom window.  The children were very interested in the hawk and were wondering if it had a nest near by and what it ate. So, we did some modeled writing to teach children all about hawks!

This modeled writing showed students that we can record what we learn and we can write about what interests us.


During our Spring Weather unit, we were learning about clouds and we were going to head outside to look at the clouds.  So, I created a modeled writing poster about clouds for students to reference when looking at the clouds.

This modeled writing showed children that we can make diagrams to help us and that we use words to label pictures.

Gingerbread 5 Senses:

 During our Gingerbread Unit, we taste tested real gingerbread cookies. But, before we ate them, we used all 5 senses to explore the gingerbread cookies.  I wrote down the words that children used to describe the cookie on the chart.

This modeled writing showed children how to list and organize thoughts on a paper and that their words can be written on paper.

We are Friends:

During our Social Emotional Lesson on Friendship, we created a chart about what good friends do. I wrote down what children said and also helped steer the discussion.

This modeled writing showed children how to make a list on a paper and that their words can be written down.

Do you do Modeled Writing with your Preschoolers?

Drop a comment below!

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