Teaching Preschoolers their Name (Part 2)

How to teach preschoolers their name.  

Welcome to part 2 of ‘Teaching Preschoolers their Name’  If you missed part one, please click HERE to check it out before reading this post!

In Part One I wrote about helping children recognize their name.  Part Two will be devoted to what comes next after your child can recognize their written name. Constructing their name.

Constructing Name {think building the name, but not yet writing}

Help your child learn how to put his/her name in order from left to right using the correct letters.  There are some fun ways to do this:

- Write the name on a strip of paper. Cut apart each letter.  Mix up the letter and have your child re-construct their name. Like a puzzle!  There is a GREAT post from Teach Preschool that I urge you to check out.  She created a mat to put the letters on as a scaffold.

Image: Teach Preschool

-Because many of us learn through song, try making up a song to help learn to spell!  Cherrios and Lattes has a GREAT post on this!

-Hide letters to his/her name in a sensory tub or around the house. You could use magnetic letters, foam letters (for the bath) or letters you have written on pieces of paper. Once all the letters are found, have your child/student put the name back together.  To aid in this construction of his/her name try using this mat.  Students start at the star and put the letters in order from left to right.  Make sure to demonstrate this before expecting your child to do it.  Also, be mindful that letters most likely will be upside down or backwards when constructing.  Try not to make this a big deal, this is expected developmentally.

name building mat  Click on the mat to download for free!

-The mat seen above can also be used with many different letter manipulatives.  Try cutting out the letters of your child’s name from a magazine, use the mat and glue in order. Use alphabet stickers and alphabet stamps.  For beginning learners, just pull out the letters that are in their name, then move to putting out all 26 letters and having them find their own letters from the pile.


-Hop to it: Place out the letters of your child’s name like a hopscotch board.  Use a large marker to write each letter on 1 piece of paper.  Lay or tape onto the floor.  Kids jump from letter to letter, as you say each letter.  Great activity for kinesthetic kiddos!

I hope you have found some of these tips useful!  As you can see there are SO many different ways to make learning our names FUN!

Check out my Pinterest Board about Learning Names for even more ideas!

Time to move on to Part 3: WRITING NAME