The Benefits of a Visual Schedule

Schedules are an important way of life.   They keep us in a routine and get us to the places we need to be.  In a preschool classroom, a schedule is the backbone to our day.  It helps us get all the things done that we wanted to accomplish.  While I had my written schedule hanging up in the room, I found that many of my students were asking 'what do we do next?'.  So, I knew it was time to create a visual schedule for my little non-readers!

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Create the Perfect Preschool Class Schedule

Creating a class schedule can be one of the most important plans you create for you preschool classroom.  Setting up your day to run smoothly takes some thought and consideration.

I mean you don't want your kiddos losing control at whole group time or getting 'hangry' because snack time is too far away!  Today I'm sharing my class schedule with you and also a workbook  for creating the perfect class schedule!

The schedule above was the class schedule for my pre-k class for 2 days a week last year.  After a couple of tweeks and changes, this was the final schedule and it worked great for us.

With planning out my class schedules, I always like to take into account the time we have together, the age and attention spans of my students, the must-do's (lunch, Jesus time).

If you need some help planning out your schedule, please feel free sign up for my free workbook: Creating the Perfect Preschool Class Schedules. 

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Create the Perfect Preschool Schedule


Also, feel free to grab this freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to create a cute printable of your schedule :)