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Circle Time 

A time to come together, build relationships and learn as a group.


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Circle Time Set Up

Need help planning out your circle time set? Grab these freebies!

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Circle Time Games


Circle Time Games

Circle Time Games

Circle Time Trainings

Free Circle Time Webinar Replay

Does Circle Time have your students rolling around on the floor as un-engaged little roly poly bugs?

This webinar can help!

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The Circle Time Workshop

This e-book course will help you get your Preschool Circle Time planned out! In this step-by-step guide you will have everything you need to feel make a successful and well-thought-out plan!

Do you feel like your circle time is too routine?

Preschool circle time is a great time to practice and review skills, create a class community and observe what students know.

But... keeping little learners engaged isn't always easy!

You need a circle time plan!

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