Free Routines & Procedures Resources


Transition Cards for Preschool

Need some new songs to help you and your students during transition time? Here they are.

Visual Schedule Cards

Free visual schedule cards- place in a pocket chart and you’re ready to go!

Excerpt of Preschool Assessment Bootcamp

An excerpt from the Preschool Assessment Bootcamp e-book. This chapter if on using Portfolio Templates.

Visual Procedure Cards Freebie

Try out the ‘Clean Up’ and ‘Washing Hands’ procedure cards for free!

Create Your Preschool Schedule

A free workbook to help you create the perfect preschool schedule for your class.

Transition Sheet

Keep track of students’ drop-off, pick-ups and transitions through the day. Editable in Adobe Reader!

Editable Schedules & Class Lists

Need a quick class list or printable schedule, but don't want to take the time to make it cutesy? Done.

Oral Language Assessment

A simple and quick assessment to get a snap-shot of a student’ oral language skills.