Free Routines & Procedures Resources


Classroom Procedure Checklist

Which procedures should you be teaching in your preschool classroom?

Transition Cards for Preschool

Need some new songs to help you and your students during transition time? Here they are.

Visual Schedule Cards

Free visual schedule cards- place in a pocket chart and you’re ready to go!

Excerpt of Preschool Assessment Bootcamp

An excerpt from the Preschool Assessment Bootcamp e-book. This chapter if on using Portfolio Templates.

Visual Procedure Cards Freebie

Try out the ‘Clean Up’ and ‘Washing Hands’ procedure cards for free!

Create Your Preschool Schedule

A free workbook to help you create the perfect preschool schedule for your class.

Transition Sheet

Keep track of students’ drop-off, pick-ups and transitions through the day. Editable in Adobe Reader!

Editable Schedules & Class Lists

Need a quick class list or printable schedule, but don't want to take the time to make it cutesy? Done.

Oral Language Assessment

A simple and quick assessment to get a snap-shot of a student’ oral language skills.