Home & School Connection in Preschool

  • why is the home and school connection so important?

As we know, a positive connection between home and school is important.  But why?  

As preschool teachers, we are sometimes the very first teacher a child has.  Parents are uneasy with taking the first step in letting go and a lot of trust goes into leaving your child with a stranger! Building up that trust comes from how you connect your student's families at home with the family you are building at school.  It isn't just a weekly newsletter email.  A strong Home and School Connection goes deeper.

When a child feels supported both at home and at school the sky is the limit at what they can achieve!  Sometimes, as preschool teachers we are only with our students a couple of days a week.  Helping parents learn about what they can do at home to encourage growth and learning is part of our responsibility.

  • How do i make a strong connection?

Communication, communication, communication!

 -Make sure to send home daily/weekly communication on how each student is doing in your class. If possible, speaking to parents directly at pick up time is best.  While teachers tend to always focus on any areas of improvement for students, don't forget to share with parents positives and proud moments!

-Consider creating a Facebook Group to share photos of students, connect with parents and allow parents to connect with other parents.  This was a huge success in my classroom and you can read about it here: Facebook Groups for Class Communication

School Events

-Meet the Teacher is a great time for students and families to come and meet you and ease any first day jitters.  I also like to send a personalized postcard via snail mail before Meet the Teacher night to let students know how excited I am to meet them!

-Hosting school events where all family members can join is a great way to get to know your students and their families, as well as, encouraging other families to get to know one another.  Some event ideas include: Holiday Parties, Art Night, Science Night, Back to School Picnics, Muffins with Mom/Donuts with Dad...

Take Home Bags

-Take Home Bags are a fun way to get the parents in on the learning!  I created Take Home Bags for my students based on themes.  The bags cover various preschool skills through fun activities and games.  The goal for my Take Home Bags is to help parents learn some simple ways to learn with their child at home and give the parents and child some one-on-one time to play together.  

preschool take home bags