Helping you Engage your Preschoolers in Meaningful Play All Year Long without Overwhelm

An online membership for early educators who want to mix learning and play in the classroom. 


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Let me guess...

👉 You know children learn best through play and you value play through classroom centers (yay, play!)

BUT.... managing all the moving parts to classroom centers is overwhelming.


😩 You spend way too much time searching for and prepping new and fresh center activities.

😩 You know you've got to keep the centers engaging or it will quickly become a chaotic free-for-all!

😩 You also have to make sure children are learning those academic standards so their future Kindergarten teachers don't curse your name.

😩 You've come to dread free play because of the student behavior issues that arise... leaving you feeling like a referee, not an educator.

Sound like you?

Been there. Changed that.

I spent a whole school year totally checked out.  I was SO overwhelmed by the many moving parts of play-based learning that I took the 'flight' of the fight-or-flight response and didn't give it my all.
Am I proud of that? Heck no. I absolutely hated the feeling of not being the best I could.
But, it was the thoughts I kept having around the fact that I was letting down the kiddos in my care that really got me focused on solving this overwhelm.
I don't want you to have those overwhelmed, 'am I really cut out for this?' feelings, because sucks.

The Playful Learners Club

The place for early educators who want to make managing center time in a play-based classroom easier and less time consuming.
Inside the Playful Learners Club, you will get ready to use center activities for those 'un-popular centers', trainings focused on helping you manage all.the.things and a community to share to connect with other play-loving educators!
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each month you will receive...


Math Centers

8 ready-to-go math centers (4 to a theme) that guide and prompt learning in fun and playful ways.



Literacy Centers

8 ready-to-go literacy centers (4 to a theme) that infuse literacy skills into playful learning.

*club exclusive

Science Centers

2 full sets of Science Centers that utilize tray tasks and sensory experiences to engage learning.

Writing Centers

2 themed Writing Center Sets that include writing invitations to make writing purposeful and fun, vocabulary word cards and pre-writing practice.

*club exclusive

Micro Trainings

Who has time for full-blown trainings during the school year? Micro Trainings are bite-sized and focused on making center time easier.

*club exclusive

Club Community

Meet, mingle and come together with other like-minded early educators!

*club exclusive

Which Themes will be Covered?



  • School
  • All About Me



  • Farm
  • Transportation



  • Autumn
  • Pumpkins



  • Fairy Tales
  • Thanksgiving



  • Holiday
  • Gingerbread



  • Winter
  • Bears



  • Friendship
  • Construction



  • Dinos
  • Community Helpers



  • Spring
  • Pets



  • Insects
  • Plants



  • Space
  • Pond



  • Ocean
  • Beach

Skills and Topics Covered


  • Colors
  • Sorting/Categorizing
  • Counting with 1-1 
  • Shapes
  • Positions
  • Seriation
  • Numeral Recognition
  • Numeral Formation
  • Patterns
  • Measurement
  • Numeral Representation
  • Data & Graphing
  • Comparing Sets
  • Match Numeral to Quantity


  • Visual Discrimination
  • Name Matching
  • Sequencing (3&4 part)
  • Basic Concepts
  • Uppercase Letter Match
  • Uppercase Letter Formation
  • Rhyming
  • Name Building
  • Lowercase Letter Match
  • Concept of Word
  • Lowercase Letter Formation
  • Syllables
  • Uppercase Letter Recognition
  • Lowercase Letter Recognition
  • Uppercase to Lowercase Letter Match
  • Letter Sounds


  • Names
  • Signs
  • Rubbings
  • Lists
  • Plans
  • Recipes
  • Cards
  • Books
  • Maps
  • Posters
  • Journals
  • Postcard
  • Party Invite


  • Colors
  • My Body
  • Motion
  • Sound
  • Pumpkins
  • Leaves & Pinecones
  • Fairy Tale
  • STEM
  • See/Touch/Smell
  • Holiday
  • Ice
  • Hibernation
  • Magnets
  • Simple Machines
  • Community
  • Rocks
  • Butterflies
  • Pets
  • Insects
  • Plants
  • Space
  • Frogs
  • Ocean Animals
  • Water

This membership is perfect for you if...

  • You are a preschool teacher that values learning through play in the classroom.
  • You want to make center time easier and more cohesive because you know play centers are a priority.

This membership is not for you if...

  • You don't offer play centers in your classroom.
  • You aren't looking for new resources and trainings to use in play centers.
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Got Questions?

The Club Guarantee

I want you to comfortable in joining the Playful Learners Club. I know this is probably money coming from your own pocket... so I understand your concern!

So, if you choose to be a monthly member, you can cancel anytime - no questions asked. Just be sure to submit your cancellation by the 25th of month.

Yearly member? Once you are given access to the club, you have 30 days to decide if the club is right for you.  If it's not, no worries.  A refund of your yearly investment, minus one month (-$10) will be refunded to you.

Why you can't afford to miss out...

Save Time

Stop the endless scrolling (aka 'major time-suck') on Pinterest for center ideas and get done-for-you activities for those 'unpopular' centers.

Save Sanity

Girl, you've got a lot on your teacher plate all.year.long.  Your mind is going in a million directions and overwhelm sets in easy. Kick that feeling to the curb by checking center planning off the list.

Meet Goals

Let's save the fluff for the teddy bears- you and your students have goals to meet.  You need skill-based center activities that teach AND encourage playful learning. Don't settle for the fluffy stuff.

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