Simple Ways to Build Positive Student Connections

Simple Ways to Build Positive Student Connections  


Episode Summary

When you think back to your time in school, what stands out to you? You may say a certain class or a certain subject, but many times it comes back to a teacher (or more than one!). A teacher who saw you, made you feel special or taught you in a unique way. Teachers are generally what we remember most when we think about what we loved about school.

Why? Because teachers are the ones who take the subject matter and make it meaningful - no textbook can do that. Teachers are the ones that help, guide and care. Teachers are the human connection inside the world of learning.

So, to say that building positive connections between students and their teacher is important - might just be an understatement. But... how do we do it?


Topics Discussed:

  • The best and easiest way to build student connections is through play

  • Other ways we can build student connections

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