Streamline Your Preschool Assessments Process

Streamline Your Preschool Assessments Process


Episode Summary

I remember the time at the beginning of the school year, years ago when I was struggling to map out how my preschool assessments pieces would fit together. I knew I needed some sort of sheet to record data and I also knew I wanted to have student portfolios.  But how they connected and the pieces that were missing were bring me that 'disorderly feeling'.  

Fast forward 5+ years and I again am finding myself having this feeling. This time it is in relation to how much TIME I was spending on assessing.

It just didn't feel right - I would spend weeks assessing all.the.things, three times a year - but then lacked the actual time to TEACH the skills I saw were missing when doing the assessments. 

Listen in to find out how I solved this assessment dilemma!


Topics Discussed:


  • Goals and Standards
  • Collecting and Reporting Data
  • Using and Communicating Results


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