A Guide to Preschool Centers

A Guide to Preschool Centers


Episode Summary

When you are running a play-based preschool classroom, centers are the core of the program.  Carefully planned centers create an environment for learning through play because play is not a break from hard work, play is a child's work!

But sometimes, as the teacher, wrapping your head around all the moving parts of play-based centers can be a challenge!

There are So. Many. Questions. 

'Which centers should I have in my classroom? What are the most common centers? I know I want blocks and art, but what other centers should I add?'

Those questions lead to more questions... 'What do I put in the centers? What materials are essential? Also, how long should I schedule center time for? I have other things we have to do in our schedule, how long is needed for free play?'

... 'Can I keep the same materials in the centers the whole year? Won't children get bored? Should I change centers out? If so, how often should I change them?'

The Guide to Preschool Centers was created many years ago, but just got a new update. I have added answers or recommendations to ALL the questions you read above. 

Listen in! Episode 46 will walk you through ALL of your center questions!


Topics Discussed:

  • 10 different centers with material lists & learning goals
  • Ideas on which centers to change out and when
  • How long to schedule center time in your day
  • How to use my Guide to Preschool Centers
  • Center Tub Labels + The Preschool Center Hub

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