Pretend Play Props- Post Office

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Pretend Play Props- Post Office


All kids love pretending! Aid in this love by adding Pretend Play Props to your playroom or classroom. Pretending is a great time to practice turn-taking, role-play and to use writing in a meaningful setting!

Take a look at all the props included in this POST OFFICE set: 

Pretend Play Props-Post Office

* Idea Sheet: This helpful sheet gives great ideas to help make pretending that
much more fun!
* List of hands-on items to include in your "post office"
* NOTE: You will find two versions of the "post office". One appropriate for
Valentine's Day and the other can be used any day!
* Post Office Signs: Use these signs to hang around the pretend Post Office.
Included: store sign, hours sign, outgoing mail sign and open and closed signs and box/stamp price sheet.
* Mailbox label and flag: Use this label and red flag to create a mailbox for your
child. Use an old shoebox. Attach the red flag with a brad. Add the label
programmed with your child's name.
* Writing Paper: Many variations of writing paper are included. The large box
on the top of the page is intended for a picture to be drawn.
* Postcards & Greeting Card templates
* Postmaster Desk tent-fold into thirds.
* Fragile & This sign up labels
* Envelope template
* Color your own stamps. Cut out and glue onto envelopes or postcards.
* Parts of an Envelope & Parts of a Postcard
* Mail themed songs

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Total Pages: 37 pages

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