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Come learn...

-10 Types of Math Games for Preschool and which skills they teach

-The 'WHY' of game playing in preschool

-Benefits of game playing vs. worksheet learning

-FREE game boards to use in your classroom

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Come learn...

The importance of a strong home and school connection

Seeing yourself as an educator to parents, as well as children

What a Take Home Bag is and the goal of bags

Examples of some Take Home Bags and how to organize them

FREE Fine Motor Tub Take Home printables

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Do you have trouble getter your students to want to visit the writing center?

Yep, I did too.

Come learn..

Ways to spice up your writing center.

Materials that you can include.

How to bring writing into other centers.


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Come learn...

Setting Up the Physical Environment: Learn about considerations to take when setting up your physical circle time space

 Management, Management, Management: Help your circle time be a successful time by planning out your time together as a class.

Reinforcing Skills with Whole Group Games:  Make this time fun by planning some fun whole group games. 

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Come learn...

What a Portfolio IS and ISN'T

Focusing portfolio creation on the 'whole child'

How to organize and streamline the portfolio process

3 types of templates I use to make portfolio creation easier and less time consuming

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You will receive a new email for 6 days in row. These emails will help guide you in creating your own assessment plan.


Small Group Mini Series

Are you ready to bring small group into your schedule, but don't know where to start?

Or, maybe you have small group time in your classroom, but are looking to up your game...

This 6-part series can help!

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Preschool Classroom Jobs

Do you have classroom jobs in your preschool classroom?

Make your jobs teach more than just responsibility. Focus on creating and maintaining class community and introducing new skills.

Do this by having a job for every student in your class everyday!

This Live Event will cover:
> The WHY of a job for every student every day
> The WHAT of which jobs and the benefits they hold
> The HOW of implementing jobs for every child

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Comprehensive Courses

Preschool Assessment Bootcamp

The preschool teacher's step by step guide to assessment and portfolio creation.

I can help you LEARN the ins and outs of assessment, ORGANIZE data, CREATE portfolios for each student and IMPLEMENT the info gained. 

Circle Time Workshop

Do you feel like your circle time is too routine?

Preschool circle time is a great time to practice and review skills, create a class community and observe what students know. 

But... keeping little learners engaged isn't always easy!

You need a circle time plan!